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Introduction to Engineering

Listen to the Engineering Song

From the depths of the sea to outer space, from the clothes we wear to the food we eat, the medicine we need and the toys we play with engineering really is everywhere!

Why not start your journey into engineering with a song! Together with Hopscotch Songs we wrote The Engineer Song which introduces the wide range of things different types of engineer do. Watch and sing along.

Engineering is For Everyone

Explore our engineer role model section find out more about what engineers do, what they are like and why they love engineering.

See our engineers on film, read about their work and get involved in the activities and resources they've developed.

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Great Activities to introduce Engineering

Engineering is all about problem-solving. Practice getting creative and help Elsie the Engineer find solutions to her party preparation challenges in our silent film. Engineering is also all about exploring and improving. Get curious about what's inside everyday items with deconstruction and enjoy tinkering with loose parts. Or check out our 5-10 min ideas.

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