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For your little engineers we offer fun-filled curriculum led Activity Boxes, an Activity Book, Card Games and much more.

Activity Boxes

Individual and Group Packs

Through the magic of storytelling we empower children to become curious little engineers, creators, and problem solvers. Suitable for both families and educators, we’ve created engineer led activity boxes, featuring puzzles, games and activities inspired by the challenges the characters face in our topic related book.

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Card Games

Individual and multiples

Explore engineering through fun, engaging card games. Meet our amazing engineers and discover what they do in our Engineer Trumps, explore famous structures from around the world in Famous Structures, or spot visual connections in Patterns in the park.

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Activity Book

Individual and Group Packs

Meet 20 amazing engineers who all need a little engineer to help them create a happier and healthier planet for everyone! Workbook includes colouring in, writing, counting, mazes, puzzles, dot-to-dots, comics and more!

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Little engineers in action

Inspiring the next generation

Send in your pictures of let's do engineering in the wild and be featured on our site!

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