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What's in a Box

Each box is themed (e.g. planes, robots, medicine...) and jam-packed with a range of activities, all inspired by an amazing storybook and the work of one of our fantastic engineers. You'll find everything you need, including clear instructions, for three engineering challenges or games. In addition you get a junk modelling guide, an activity book and a follow-along yoga video! Plus, assemble your buildable playset and convert your box for even more engineering-related play opportunities. 

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Carefully selected picture book.

Much loved, fun and engaging stories. Boost literacy and a love of books while motivating and inspiring the rest of the boxes activities.


Junk Modelling

Your chance to be as creative as you like. Start from the junk modelling build theme, which highlights key features to include, and create something amazing.  

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Convert Your Box

Beautifully illustrated on the inside your box becomes the base for ongoing play. Set up a play scene with the box and playset and see where your imagination takes you.

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Engineering Challenges

Three engineering challenges (or two challenges and a game) inspired by the storybook. What solutions will you create? Expect plenty of problem-solving, fabulous creations and fun play.

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Activity Book

Detailed instructions for each activity, meet your engineer role model and learn more about the box topic. Plus six pages of themed activities (e.g. dot to dot, mazes etc) to complete. 

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Clear Instructions

Lots of support via step-by-step illustrated and written instructions for each activity.  Additionally, we provide top tips and advice to help your designs succeed. 

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Buildable Playset

Pop out and assemble your new toys. Practice your building skills then use the characters and accessories in your own imaginative play. Themed sets of at least 12 pieces. 

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Physical Activities

Get active while learning. Boost gross motor skills with physical activity ideas and wind down with some guided yoga inspired by the box theme.

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Extension Ideas

Feeling inspired to explore further and learn more? We've included plenty of suggestions to take activities to the next level or to explore similar concepts.

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