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Display our Engineer Posters

Our engineering posters introduce each of our engineers and can be displayed in the classroom or at home – we were inspired by the below NUSTEM resource.

NUSTEM run an activity called STEM person of the week, in which teachers are encouraged to introduce their class to a different person working in STEM, every week. NUSTEM provide posters introducing the diverse range of scientists and engineers, highlighting their skills, attributes and interests. Teachers are encouraged to use the highlighted characteristics (e.g. determined, resilient, passionate etc) when praising children, enabling the children to identify with different STEM people. The activity has been proven to reduce children’s stereotypes about scientists, after just 5 weeks. Find out more about it here.

Our engineering posters could be used in the same way – if you’d like to work with us to test them, in terms of stereotype reduction, we’d love to hear from you.

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Engineering design cycle

One way of introducing is to use a design cycle approach, framing engineering as a problem solving process, with specific steps. Printing out and displaying the engineering design cycle process is a great way to remind children of each of the steps, particularly to remember to explore the problem and consider different solutions before jumping into creating as well as highlighting the need to reflect on how well the solution went and what could be further improved. We have two different posters, containing either three or five steps. Start off with the 3 step cycle, especially for younger children, and move onto the 5 step cycle later on.

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