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Quality Engineer

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Hi, I’m Diane and I love solving problems. Being inquisitive means I ask lots of questions and identify the cause of any issues on the factory production line where I work. Finding a solution requires imagination and vision. I love engineering as everyday at work is different and it is so satisfying to solve problems.


Activity pack

Diane loves problem solving. She is a Quality Engineer which means she has to figure out why something isn’t working properly - her favourite question is Why? This activity introduces engineering as problem solving and challenges you to come up with solutions to different problems. Diane has created a fun video to get you started: watch Elsie Engineer Throws a Party and see if you can help Elsie

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Questions with 


Diane Gribi is a Quality Engineer – her problem solving skills help tackle any issues in production line processes and ensure the end-product is of high quality.

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Tell us a bit more about your job
How did you get into Engineering?
What is the best bit about your job and your proudest moment?
What do you love about Engineering?
What three characteristics do you think make a good Engineer?
Tell us a bit more about you?
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