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Mechanical Engineer

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Hi, I’m Faisal and I love exploring different materials. I collaborate with others to make sensors to measure how materials are performing, e.g. is the material a bridge made of still strong or is it breaking down? I also design new materials with new characteristics, which requires me to be agile and adaptable to try different ideas to come up with the best solutions.


Explore Materials

Faisal is inspired by nature to create new materials. Understanding material properties is really important – find out how Faisal checks material surfaces to measure if they are rough or smooth, even when they are too small to see. And how can we use materials to make things disappear? Learn about camouflage and invisibility. Read our comic about material design – what new material would you like?

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Nadimul Haque Faisal is a Mechanical Engineer – he loves exploring different materials and designing new types of materials with improved properties, like increased strength or improved ability to capture energy from the sun.

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Tell us a bit more about your job
How did you get into Engineering?
What is the best bit about your job and your proudest moment?
What do you love about Engineering?
What three characteristics do you think make a good Engineer?
Tell us a bit more about you?
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