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Civil Engineer

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Hi, I’m Fionah and I’m fascinated by built structures, both historical and modern. I hope to use my analytical skills to design sustainable structures, like roads, bridges, towers and dams, to last for years and years. I love engineering as we can bring ideas to life to help make the world a better place. Team work and good communication are critical to turn designs into reality.


Famous structures around the world

Fionah is fascinated by structures and she loves to explore different designs from all around the world. She has put together a list of her twelve favourite structures now available as a card game – you can play matching pairs, snap, game of swop and happy structures.
Or why not recreate these structures with your friends? Follow our circus skills guides for balances and acrobatics inspired by the different structure designs

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Questions with 


Fionah is a Civil Engineer – inspired by centuries old infrastructure like the Great Pyramid, her dream is to make the future infrastructure around us climate resilient and environmentally sustainable to remain fit for purpose for years and years.

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Tell us a bit more about your job
How did you get into Engineering?
What is the best bit about your job and your proudest moment?
What do you love about Engineering?
What three characteristics do you think make a good Engineer?
Tell us a bit more about you?
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