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Electrical Engineer

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Hi, I’m Paul and I learn from the human brain to make computers smarter. Engineering is amazing at making so much of our everyday life safer, easier and more fun. I love computer games and am passionate about improving how computers work. I take inspiration from the human brain and body and have to be creative, and determined, to apply that knowledge to make better computers and robots.


Computer vision game

Paul learns from the human brain to make computers smarter. He is really interested in human vision and how computers recognise images. Try his Shark in the Park inspired card game – what can you see to make connections between the images?
Seeing, and looking in the right place, is really important for juggling – watch our circus performers juggle and build up your skills from one ball to many

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Questions with 


Paul Kirkland is an Electrical Engineer learning from how the body and the brain work to improve artificial intelligence.

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Tell us a bit more about your job
How did you get into Engineering?
What is the best bit about your job and your proudest moment?
What do you love about Engineering?
What three characteristics do you think make a good Engineer?
Tell us a bit more about you?
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