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Electrical Engineer

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Hi, I’m Sarah and I make planes safer by developing ways to help pilots spot and avoid other objects in the sky. I am curious about how things work, and enjoy designing new laser systems. Communication is essential as we work in a team to go from the ideas stage to finished product. My enthusiasm for engineering comes from the fact that it allows me to be part of creating a more interesting future.


Aeroplane model making

Sarah designs systems for modern aircraft and loves to play music. She has written two songs about Amy Johnson, a famous pilot and engineer from the 1930s. Listen to the songs and read the comic Wonderful Amy to find out more about Amy’s life and her longest solo flight across the world. Then design and craft your own model aeroplane

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Questions with 


Sarah Cooper is an Electrical Engineer – she designs radar and laser systems to help pilots spot objects to avoid in the sky.

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Tell us a bit more about your job
How did you get into Engineering?
What is the best bit about your job and your proudest moment?
What do you love about Engineering?
What three characteristics do you think make a good Engineer?
Tell us a bit more about you?
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