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Mechanical Engineer

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Hi, I’m Uwe and I check to see how strong your bones are. My curiosity about the structure of living materials, like bones or corals, inspired me to understand their strength and resilience. I have to be resilient too when things don’t always work first time. I’m passionate about helping people and the environment and my work identifies people whose bones are likely to break or coral reefs that are likely to be damaged so we can act early to save them. What I love about engineering is the creation of something new.


Coral strength testing

Uwe is fascinated by biological structures, and finds out what makes bones and corals strong, or not. Learn more about corals (there are deep water corals in Scotland) and how climate change is impacting them through Uwe’s drama activities. Then make your own saltdough corals and decorate them

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Uwe Wolfram is a Mechanical Engineer – his curiosity about the structures of living materials, like bones and corals, has inspired him to understand their mechanics, be able to predict potential failure, and design ways to prevent bone fractures or coral collapses.

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